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verbal humilation

Sick of You Losers

Added 2017-12-24

Don't Need You

Added 2017-11-26

Humiliating Date

Added 2017-11-03

Vain Bitch

Added 2017-09-22

My Perfect Life

Added 2017-09-06

Virgin Humiliation II

Added 2017-09-03

No Pure Love

Added 2017-08-02

Go Fuck Yourself

Added 2017-06-21

Nasty Humiliation Upgrade

Added 2017-06-09

What Is Power

Added 2017-06-04

Pathetic Sexuality

Added 2017-03-09

Superiority Over Your Cock

Added 2017-02-09

I'll Never Date You

Added 2017-01-21

Verbal Shred

Added 2016-07-02

I Own You

Added 2016-04-06

As Worthless as Your Penis

Added 2016-02-08

Too Good For You

Added 2015-11-04

Verbal Onslaught JOI

Added 2015-09-15

Vicious Verbals

Added 2015-05-01

Turned On By Mean

Added 2014-02-21

Ripped to Shreds

Added 2013-12-22