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Age Regression Ray

Added: 02/19/2017

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Look what we have here.. A man who thinks he is a "real" man! You know what? I don't think so. I think you're nothing more than a pathetic little boy and I'm going to reduce you down to the pre-pubescent ch1ld that you are. I have a special little treatment for boys like you who don't know how to properly respect women. This is my age regression ray that turns men into wimpering little enfants and I'm going to take it a little too far. I think I'm going to make it permanent as well as I make you perfectly obedient and get you read for your bottle. When I turn it on and drown you in the stream, I regress you down.. down.. down.. to a little toddler. And of course, it worked perfectly..

Categories: Age Regression, Diaper Discipline, Mind Fuck

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Age Regression Ray