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Black Widow: Serious Consequences

Added: 05/17/2017

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With new sound/visual effects for breath play! Your internet date has gone better than you could've expected. The girl who showed up was hotter than hot and seemed so into you! When she invited you back to her place, you were so eager to accept that you didn't even blink. Before you know it, you're on her bed and she's crawling toward you. But once she starts to touch your cock, you are about to explode in your pants! She's not pleased.. she's horny and wants her satisfaction. You're humiliated enough that she begins to tell you about this kinky game of breath play. She explains that by decreasing your oxygen, your cock will remain hard and it will be easier for you to control your erection. You agree, wanting so much to feel her... but once the bag goes on your head, you know that this will not end well for you. When she climbs on top of you to ride your cock, you begin to fade in and out of conciousness..

Categories: Executrix

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Black Widow: Serious Consequences