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Drain Those Balls

Added: 03/01/2017

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I want your balls to be fully empty, and the only way to do that is to make you cum multiple times. So you're going to keep stroking until you cum, and then you have to continue to jerk without pause until you cum a second time.. And then a third.. and more.. and more. You will be required to play this video over and over until you orgasm the required number of times at my command. The cycle of brainwashing will create a lovely permanent need to know that I have total ownership of you. At first it feels good just to stroke for me with abandon, but after the first orgasm, it gets harder. And then again and again. I am unrelenting in my demand for these orgasms. I will not let you pause for even a moment until those balls are completely drained and totally empty for me. How long will it take, how raw and exhausted will your cock be?

Categories: Edging Games, Masturbation Instructions, Orgasm Control, Sensual Domination

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Drain Those Balls