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Office Secret

Added: 11/25/2015

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I know your secret. You try so hard to hide it, but somehow I found out anyhow. It wasn't that hard to guess.. Because all I have to do is take one long look at you and know what you are. I see you every day in the office and you try so hard not to look at me. But I know that look, that total the addiction in your eyes. Don't try to deny that we are different sides of the same coin-- you the addict and me the dealer, the pusher, the chemist that creates these things that destroy you. You had no idea that I lived in the same city, that I worked in the same building. Now that you see me every day, the addiction is worse. And I want you to stay dialed in, jerking for me and wanting me more and more every day. No matter how hard you try, I'm never going to go away.. I'll never leave your life. I like exploiting this need in you.

Categories: Mind Fuck

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Office Secret